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Immediate support

This is the easiest way to support the bird observatory. At the same time you become a "Falsterbo Bird Friend" (Falsterbo Fågelvän).

Bli en fågelvän logga

You can send any amount you wish to Bg 900-3013 or Pg 900301-3, recipient Skånes Ornitologiska Förening.

Please state "Gift" and name, telephone number and email when you transferring funds.

You can also Swish money to us using number: 123 196 2455. If you swish, we wold be grateful for a short email where you tell us who you are. Please send this to falsterbo@skof.se.

A donation will automatically make you a "Falsterbo Bird Friend, FBF" (unless you already are). As a FBF you will receive the bird observatory newsletter (issued 2-3 times a year) and other information material.

Falsterbo Bird Friend - Falsterbo Fågelvän - what is it?

What is the purpose with Falsterbo Bird Friend?

The purpose is to strengthen Falsterbo Fågelstation economically through public support, in a pace suitable and decided by each contributor individually. In this way you become a longer term supporter and contribute to letting us being able to be the spokesmen for the birds.

Who is a Falsterbo Fågelvän?

Anyone who decides to financially contribute to our work, regardless of sum.

If you already are a contributor and is known by us you will automatically also become Falsterbo Fågelvän.

How do we keep track of our Falsterbo Fågelvänner?

We have a database with those who have contributed to our work. The data we collect and keep is: first name, last name, telephone number, e-mail address and date for the most recent contribution.

How do we communicate with our Falsterbo Fågelvänner?

As a Falsterbo Fågelvän you periodically receive information from us:

  • Newsletter from Falsterbo Bird observatory (at least 3 times per year)
  • Annual reports from the bird observatory, among them visible migration report (sträckräkning) and ringing report.
  • Other particularly interesting information about our work (irregularly)
  • All outreach is digital. Nothing is sent through normal mail.

For how long do I remain a Falsterbo Fågelvän?

For how long do I remain a Falsterbo Fågelvän?

  • We run annual checks of our database. Those who have not contributed during the last three years, will receive a alert, and thus be given to contribute again. If this does not happen, the person will be pruned from the database.
  • Man kan aktivt höra av sig till oss (via mail eller telefon) och säga att man vill bli bortplockad ur vårt register.

Any further questions?

Contact Björn Malmhagen 0703-339499 or Karin Persson 040-473703.

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