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Leave assets by a will

Your will is your final wish and has a huge impact once You are gone. You can, completely or partly, leave assets by a will to Falsterbo Bird Observatory. By doing this, you will contribute to stimulate interest for nature in future generations, and thereby also create a better future for our birds.

Setting up a will is quite straight forward. Writing with your own words "This is how I want my assets to be divided when I am no more among you..."

However, there are certain formal requirements and therefore we recommend You to contact Your bank or lawyer.

Required information:

  • Gift receiver: Falsterbo Fågelstation.
  • Organisation number: 845000-8399, Skånes Ornitologiska Förening.
  • Bankgiro: 900-3013. Plusgiro: 900301-3.
  • Payment receiver: Skånes Ornitologiska Förening.

Contact persons:
Karin Persson 040-473703
Björn Malmhagen 0703-339499

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